Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Small Change

And, from the "Utterly Unshocking" files: Jimmy Carter is endorsing the candidacy of Barack Obama for POTUS. If ever there were two individuals who deserved to be grouped together, it is this pair of rubes. The symmetry is simply delicious: One, through his incompetence and short-sightedness failed to prevent the rise of militant Islamism in Iran...then subsequently emboldened it through his humiliatingly flaccid response to its act of naked aggression against American citizens on sovereign American territory. The other, through his near-total failure to demonstrate even a rudimentary grasp of high-level diplomatic theory and geopolitical reality, is promising to further embolden and raise the prestige of the fanatical anti-Semitic and avowedly genocidal president of that selfsame aggressor nation by engaging in direct presidential talks (shall we then open another embassy in Tehran and go for twosies?).

Everything old is new again....and may the gods have mercy on our souls.

(Vid via Hot Air)

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