Friday, July 18, 2008

Maliki "Timeline" Meme: Still Hasn't Timed Out (UPDATED)

Time is short, but I wanted to take the time to point out that the mistranslated call by Iraqi PM Maliki for a "Timetable" for American troops' withdrawal is still chugging along in overtime (was there any doubt that it would live on after being rebutted?). Then again, this is Reuters we're talking about.

Discussions of "general time horizons" are very different things from the sorts of arbitrary, inflexible "timetables" sought by opponents of seeking victory in Iraq. The former are practical descriptions of the conditions for phasing out an increasingly superfluous (which is to say, successful) American combat force. The latter are little more than instructions for how long the enemies of Iraq and the US need to bide their time before re-infiltrating and getting about the business of striving to undo the good we've done so far.

Out of time (and waiting for the retraction/correction.........................)

UPDATE: And from the gift that keeps on giving that is the Obama campaign, comes this little treasure from Gateway Pundit, showing how the "Timeline" gaffe has officially been embraced by The Enlightened One's minions.

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