Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pied Piper for President

This simply makes my flesh crawl and my blood pressure spike. Before I say another word, do have a look:

You know what I say when my three year-old son sees the candidates on the TV and asks who they are? I say, "Those are the two nice men who want to be President," and I tell him their names.

That's it.

He has no idea what "President" means; it's just a place-holder, pending further data. He can't process that information. He has neither the cognitive ability nor the world knowledge to evaluate the differences between the two men. All I would gain from foisting my preferences onto him would be the base, masturbatory pleasure of implanting impressions into his consciousness so that he could parrot them before myself and others. I would be using him as an extension of my own nauseatingly narcissistic self.

There is absolutely nothing on this planet that sends me into a berserker rage the way that harm to children --including their exploitation for adults' gratification-- will do, every time. The blissed-out, bovine looks on those parents' faces as they watch their children led in a song of praise for their Dear Leader is about as chilling a thing as I've seen in this election cycle. It is positively revolting and infuriating. Try to imagine a video of another group of kids, singing songs of praise for George Bush, and how the Left would react to that (after they were treated for the burst blood vessels in their brains, that is).

I don't care what your political proclivities are: leave the fracking kids out of it!!

This is a disgrace, and if Obama is aware of this, then as a parent and a human possessing a shred of humility and honor he should come out and decry the naked indoctrination being perpetrated in his name. If it can be shown that he is conscious of this horrorshow, and does nothing, then we must assume a tacit endorsement of it...and a truly unsettling glimpse into his personal movie.

Ed over at Hot Air helpfully offers some other examples of this sort of thing, which will give you pause, unless you are so drunk on the Kool Aid that...well, you are unlikely to be reading this blog or any like it. (UPDATE: Here's a link to that first vid, which had since been removed)

Shame on these parents. It is not so long a slide from this know.

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