Sunday, April 18, 2010

David Emerges

Check out this article about a 5-axis milling rig which uses sophisticated 3-D design software to carve a helmet out of a solid block of aluminum.

Information technology meets precision robotics, and achieves something resembling kinetic poetry. Form emerges from brute matter in a gleaming spray of metal shavings, a marriage of genius and machinery which would make Michaelangelo weep (with joy? with grief?). 

Don't miss the extraordinary video. 

Belated H/T to Mr. Hengist who, I now recall, sent me the vid months ago.


Mr.Hengist said...

Thanks for the hat tip, although it was only a month ago I sent you the link (2010-03-18). The video enthralled me; precision machining is in a new and exciting phase. Think, oh, prostheses which are machined to precision tolerances from hi-res MRI data. Mistake-free, micrometer precision, and relatively fast throughput with a very high level of operator safety. This has a high awesomeness factor IMHO.

Noocyte said...

Just a month, eh? Heh. And isn't that just a dandy a window into my experience of the passage of time these days!

Being me, I of course leaped over all those practical, yet no-less awesome applications to the utility of such a system for fabbing spare parts on Lunar and/or Martian colonies, where raw ores would be plentiful, and labor exceedingly scarce. But yah, prosthetics could be machined to pretty darned precise tolerances too.