Monday, March 21, 2011

Pawlenty Good Enough For Me

CNN reports that Governor Tim Pawlenty will be announcing the formation of a Presidential Exploratory Committee today. Not surprised, but pleased to see it happening. Unfortunately, Romney's stock has taken what appears to be a terminal hit from "Romneycare." I say "unfortunately" because, on balance, my understanding is that, in its original form (that is, before it accrued the myriad barnacles which the deep-blue MA legislature affixed to it before passage), it was not altogether objectionable. And besides, the State level is where experiments like that should be run in a Federalist system: NOT a top-down, heavy-handed Transformation air-dropped on the entire Nation from the banks of the Potomac. But I'm not sanguine about the Mittens' ability to close that sale. I wouldn't write him off entirely...but the cap's off the pen.

But I digress.

There is much chatter about T-Paw's "boring" personality, which really itches me. On the issues, he's pretty much five-by-five. And we already know the true market value of political rock stars...

I think T-Paw’s Midwest civility will be a net positive, despite all the “boring” blather. Despite being a train-wreck of a POTUS, Obama is still widely liked, personally (I know. Go figure.). Someone who savages him in debates may find it a Pyrrhic victory. By contrast, Pawlenty’s smart and right-headed enough to be relentlessly correct on the issues, systematically deconstructing the Won’s fables without getting all wild-eyed about it.

T-Paw’s squeaky-clean, non-demagogic, slow-’n-steady demeanor may be just what we need to snare the napping hare. His presence as an even-tempered, humble, affable, but principled administrator strikes just the right tone for what the Tea Parties are *really* about, which is a government that knows its place and does not presume to overstep its bounds.

And wouldn’t it be TEH AWESOME if he could find a VPOTUS named Good(e)?

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