Monday, September 10, 2012

The Only Thing We Have to Fear....

...Is toxic crap sandwiches like this, from people who bloody ought to have known better:

You would think that getting to witness the metastasis of Collectivism in its Communist and Fascist forms would bring a modicum of pause to the centralizing aspirations of this Depression-stretchingly pig-headed Prog.  

But you'd be wrong.

Hey Franklin, "Private power" is SUPPOSED to be stronger than the bloody State. Ownership of the government is the CHARTER AND RIGHT of individuals and groups (i.e., CITIZENS).

And all the blather which will no doubt follow this Self-Evident (sound familiar?) observation (since I just posted a version of these comments on Facebook, where I found this stomach-acid-squirting pic), you know, the familiar effluvium about "Corporate Influence subverting the electoral process for the benefit of special interests and Fat-Cats," will only serve to illustrate more clearly the gravity of FDR's error. For that kind of Crony Capitalism is, at its core, profoundly ANTI-Capitalist...and thrives most exuberantly and perniciously under conditions in which the excessively bloated power of the State emboldens it to engage in the hubristic exercise of picking winners and losers.

When the MARKET --to as great a degree as practicable-- is allowed to operate as the selective agent by which value is assigned, and the (humble, lean, CITIZEN-OWNED) State is NEVER promoted from the status of control rod to that of reactor, then liberty may truly thrive and evolve as the ecosystem it is supposed to be, rather than the managed paddock envisioned by Collectivists like FDR and his Statist stepchildren.

Harrumph, I say!

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