Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Coward Talks

'Captain' Ed Morissey over at Hot Air, posts about two developments out of Iraq: one a barbaric suicide/homicide bombing at a funeral for members of one of the heroic Awakening Councils. This is the Washington Post story you are more likely to have heard (assuming it wasn't simply lost in the numbing cacophony of catastrophe which is the dominant media mantra out of Iraq).

The second reports the news of the Iraqi government's opening several giant oil and gas fields for exploration, and experiencing no shortage of bidders for the contracts. Unfortunately, it reports this news in the "D" section of the Post, where only the most intrepid are likely to find it.

Speaking of intrepidity, it bears noting that these corporations are competing with each other for the chance to sink some Very Serious Capital into the development of Iraqi resources. It has been said that money is a coward, and this coward appears to be doing some talking.

I will leave it to the reader to deduce what comparably plentiful product of the mainstream media may soon have to do some walking.

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