Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More Than Four Questions Here

I am what is often referred to as a Recovering Catholic. No aspersions, mind you...well not too many; it's just that 'my karma ran over my dogma' (har-har). However, I went to predominantly Jewish --if nominally secular-- private schools from K-7. I had learned the Sh'ma before my first Communion. The spirit and traditions of Passover are not unknown to me.

Why on earth would I bring this up? I just encountered a post at the Weekly Standard Blog which I heartily recommend. It is a devastatingly on-point demolition of recent orations by Clinton and Obama to mark the occasion of their latest attempt to woo an unlikely constituency through the fine art of unacknowledged satire. On Passover.

I almost hesitate to blockquote, lest it deter you from reading the (really very short) whole thing, but I just couldn't resist this lovely nugget:

As a man of faith, Obama probably could have offered some interesting thoughts on Passover and the mixed feelings the holiday engenders. Also, the pining for a Jewish homeland in the Holy Land remains a relevant issue today. Instead, the candidate jammed even Passover into the Obama canon of meaningless tripe.

Whether it involves chatting up foreign despots or a national conversation on race, Obama habitually elevates the act of talking to a level of meaning it doesn’t deserve. And yet for all of Obama’s talk, he avoids the significant issues and concrete action like, well, a plague.


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