Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bajíos y Honduras: Gradual Emergence

The AP reports that the government of El Salvador is set to officially recognize the elected government of Honduras. It is a thing most fervently to be hoped that other nations in the region will soon follow suit. Might one even posit that the current American Administration will at last execute a quiet little pivot in its thus far reprehensible treatment of the lawful, relatively orderly, and altogether geopolitically inoffensive internal affairs of the sovereign nation of Honduras?  Shall we soon see a "well, alright; we still don't like what you did, but here's your aid and visas back. But we've got our eye on you" from Hillary's! State Department?

May be so. But it is fair to say that the Honduran government will have due pause before trusting many of its ostensible allies for the foreseeable future. And if the language with which the Honduran affair is described does not change with some alacrity, they would be all-too well justified in such caution:
Some Latin American nations do not recognize Lobo's victory in November elections, because the vote was held under the interim government that replaced Zelaya.
A leader of Honduras' congress says lawmakers will start considering a bill on Tuesday to grant an amnesty to those involved in the June 28 coup that removed Zelaya.
 Say it with me yet again, bretheren "It. Was. Not. A. Fracking. Coup."

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