Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bajíos y Honduras, Parte Dos (Updated) (UPDATED again, now with 50% More Stupidity!)

Thank goodness for Hot Air, for finding this bit of news about the situation in Honduras, given how quietly yet comprehensively it has fallen from the radar screen since shortly after I last addressed it.

Seems the Honduran Supreme Court has had the temerity to hold fast to its own ruling regarding the underhanded and unconstitutional efforts of erstwhile Presidente Zelaya to ignore and ultimately overturn the laws of his nation and set the stage for his ascension to the office of Chavez-Lite. Thus have they unconditionally rejected the so-called "compromise" offered by the apparently well-meaning but sadly off-target president of Costa Rica, which would have had Zelaya re-installed to the Honduran Presidency until the elections in November. The Organization of American States (OAS) had been waiting for this compromise, in order to restore aid to Honduras and declare an end to this whole nasty business (have you heard that they consider it a "Coup?" I seem to recall a few news outlets referring to it as such...).

Muchisimos Kudos to the Honduran legislature and judiciary for standing fast in the face of withering international hassles and ruinous financial coercion. Now the stage is set for the Honduran Constitution to do its stuff --interrupted neither by local proto-tyrants, nor by scheming international pressure groups. Micheletti has no plans to run for the presidency, and Zelaya has an express ticket to the pokey if he so much as plants a toe in Tegucigalpa. That leaves a clear field for the Honduran people truly to put an end to this: by voting for President according to the laws which the fellow they last elected came within a hair's breadth of nullifying for his personal aggrandizement.

I can only hope that this situation will act as a spur to the Honduran people to make their government accountable for the sad state of their economy, and to work toward greater autonomy from future blackmail-through-aid. If ever there was a country which knew who its friends were (and weren't), it's Honduras today. I do also hope that there is some accounting for the arguably extralegal manner in which the legal warrant against Zelaya was served. It really was over the top, and did nothing to dispel the PR machine which has so enthusiastically striven to paint this as just another Cavendish Coup.

In the meantime, I'll be adding some Honduran coffee and cigars to my shopping list.

UPDATE: Memo to Obama Administration: When you find yourself in a hole, it is best to stop digging. As ever, I expect this advice to be ignored. Smart power, indeed.

UPDATED AGAIN: Gosh, just when you think this Administration has reached the limit of its jaw-dropping, facepalming, abject, drooling fatuity and breathtaking arrogance on this matter, they up and double down. I am simply speechless. Yeah, why not punish a whole lot of poor people because their impudent government has elected to obey its own laws, and not the august decree of the One and his fellow-travelers. Abominable.

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