Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bizarro Governors

South Carolina's Mark Sanford is like the anti-Palin.

Sarah saw that the ability of her administration to pursue its ends was hamstrung by a constant barrage of expensive nonsense which bore virtually no relationship to her actual conduct as a Governor and a human being. She made the extremely risky and unconventional choice to bow out, so that her loyal Lt. Governor, Sean Parnell could continue the work and go into the next election with the advantage of being an incumbent.

Sanford brought the rightful ire of both parties onto himself (and the Conservative brand) through his personal and (apparently) professional shenanigans. His increasingly beleaguered and impatient Lt. Governor has asked him to do the right thing, and so contain the damage to the SC GOP for the sake of pending business and future elections (not to mention what's left of the office's dignity). Yet Sanford lacks the integrity to swallow his vanity (not to mention a good 85% of his words) and step the frack out of the way.

If these two contrasting characters were presented in a novel, I would call the parallelism hopelessly contrived.

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