Sunday, August 2, 2009

Trojan Man

A little prophylactic medicine can go a long way, when the illness it heads off would penetrate so many sectors of one's life.

In this case, here's a very instructive vid (via HotAir) about the doubleplus-ungood doublespeak making the rounds on this matter of whether the fortunately-imperiled "public option" is intended (as it's being sold) to provide healthy market-like competition for the private health insurance sector...or whether it was always intended as the skinny edge of the wedge for a single-payer system down the road. It's no mystery where I stand on the matter.

One may believe that single-payer is the fairest and best way for this country to go, healthcare-wise, or one may think that it will be a ruinous wet blanket on a flawed but enviably vibrant and innovative system. Where I hope we will all agree is that these issues should be debated soberly, transparently, and comprehensively, and that this kind of kabuki maneuvering is insultingly out of place.

And for those who would argue that the GOP is engaging in similar gamesmanship by endeavoring to delay this issue till after the August recess (mission accomplished!), it is worth reflecting on what possible gain Republicans could have hoped to achieve unless they believed that further scrutiny and discussion would ultimately erode popular support for the public option. Seems it'd be kind of foolish to be seen as obstructing something they truly felt the people would support even after getting a good long look.

Again, no matter where you stand on Universal Healthcare, this kind of pillow talk doesn't seem especially democratic. Unfortunately, it does appear to be all-too Democratic.

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